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This is an experimental DEMO for detection malignancy using unprocessed photographs. The submitted image will be transferred with IP address and stored for research purpose. It will take 5~10 seconds to upload an image and additional 15~30 seconds to analyze one image.

Instruction and Warning
1. We strongly recommend to use high resolution images over 3000x2000 pixels.
2. Please test with two macro (extreme close-up) and two close-up (distance enough to fill face in the frame) images with different angles. Select the final value as the highest value among the results of four photographs.
3. The secondary changes of the lesion (i.e. laser surgery, curretage) may be a cause of false positive.
4. The diagnostic performance made with images alone was inferior to that of actual practice.

Old Model (Build 2020.09)
The old model used in the previous studies is available at

Algorithm was trained using over 5 million image crops (fine image selector = 5.2 million crops; disease classifier = 4.2 million crops). The algorithm was developed and maintained by Han Seung Seog from I Dermatology Clinic.